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Life is so full of fun but how much of it have you seen? The days whistle past and we get older but only a few know the beauty of the world and the amazing scenery Mother Nature has gifted us with.

Many of us are stuck living regimented lives in our offices, glued to our offices and our jobs, not finding little time to spare to bask in the beauty outdoors, especially the excitement and exhilaration all pent up uphill excessively in the Himalayas, the beauties in the Leh Ladak all through Jammu and Kashmir; the merriment of Kasol, as far as the Spiti Valley, nonetheless down to Singapore. Even, living all your life in Asia is almost a sentence, when we have intercontinental astonishments splattered through Dubai and other inspiring scenery across the world. But how long would you keep suffering this way?

Unleash yourself and drink in the mesmerizing allure of life by traveling. The Himalayas is a stunning beauty of nature. It is almost an unfulfilled life if you grow old without seeing the Himalayas, especially the Bhutan, the famous Snow Man Trek for yourself. Sprawling all through India to the Nepal as far as China, this gigantic natural edifice is sure to keep you gasping in delight eternally.

It is such delight we delight in giving you abundantly at HipTrip. We will help you explore your world all the way from Goa, Kheerganga, Taj Mahal, Mumbai, Kerela, through Kasol, Leh Ladak as far as Dubai breaking your geographical boundaries. Adventure is when we take you outdoors with our lively and exciting Tour Manager/City Guides, feeding you with delectable sights and stuffing you with glamorous memories with their admirable versatility in international and national languages. You can never get enough of it with us.

Are you a student, young professional with a burning thirst to see the world in its expansiveness? Then with us at HipTrip, you have found an inexhaustible and refreshing fountain for your thirst. We will show you around the world in its bubbling fascination, you will tire with happiness.

Tourism is well more than just packing up your backpack and hiking boots and setting on a trip say to the Spiti Valley, Kheerganga , Taj Mahal, Mumbai or wherever. No. At HipTrip, we know it is much more than that. Hence we will take the time to design your trip for you so that not a single drop of fun leaks out from the experience. We will expertly bring together sights, destinations, and cultures together to arrive at an exquisite experience for the tourist. One sure to fill his diaries with tasteful memories, refreshing his eyes far into his body deep down to his soul.

Your experience gets more scintillating with our amiable Tour Manager/City Guides, well equipped with bags of friendly humor; you would giggle to exhaustion. Well acquainted with routes, our guides are going to unlock the Himalayas and other destinations to you in a way that you have never seen it. And just as clients are king, so are travelers our king and we treat them to such pristine royalty. Therefore, you can plan your journey through the Himalayas or other locations precisely to your taste. Do you want your own food, your own accommodation, your own guide…no problems your Highness, we will get it all done at your convenience.

What are you looking for in Dubai, in Singapore or in India? A cultural tourism to see cultures and explore the diversity in ways of life, are you seeking a sports tourism with those reverberating games that get your heart leaping excitedly or LGBT tourism, we have all got it abundantly on our menu. The beauty of the world is in seeing it and we at HipTrip eagerly want to show you that beauty. It would be a shame and an eternal regret to spend your whole life in one place with the beautiful scenery littered around the world screaming for you to come and see them. Always remember, with HipTrip, the laughter is always louder!


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