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Well endeared to his backpack, Mukul is an avid traveller, and lover of adventure. He generously thinks it is selfish to keep all the happiness he enjoys in his travels to himself hence he combined with his jolly two friends to give you HipTrip, a platform for you to come and share in the excitement of the outdoor life. Behind the scene, Mukul weaves the strands together to keep the creativity at HipTrip eternally fresh. Being the editor-in-chief of the HipTrip Blog, he is always serving the audience with nutritious content that every traveller relishes.
Around the world in 123 days: Here comes the man to teach you the perfect work-life balance Yes, a lot of issues--at work or home--might stand as impediments in your way. You may have had to drop your travel plans at...
"In December 2016, I was on a trek to Chandrashila in Uttarakhand. Chandrashila means ‘The Moon Rock’. According to a legend, this is where Lord Rama meditated after defeating Ravana. I am more than sure that he must have...

Har Ki Dun Trek

Hiking the Valley of God! Har Ki Dun is a cradle shaped valley in Garhwal region of Indian Himalayas. Its name literally translates to Valley (Dun) of (Ki) Gods (Har). This video is based on hiking the trail that leads...
For some, it’s the waters on the beaches of Goa, others might go for a rejuvenating trip to Kerala, but for the silent adventure cravers, Himalayas is the place. Spread across various north and north eastern states in India,...

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