“In December 2016, I was on a trek to Chandrashila in Uttarakhand. Chandrashila means ‘The Moon Rock’. According to a legend, this is where Lord Rama meditated after defeating Ravana. I am more than sure that he must have spent an eternity doing that here. There is a Ganga temple named Ganga Dham on the peak and some feet down from the actual summit is Tungnath – the world’s highest Shiva temple. Remember how Lord Shiva took the powerful Ganga in his matted locks because he was the only one who could withstand its power?

I met some awesome people, from many parts of India, who were there in the group. I realised, when a bunch of unknown human beings are in out in the woods with absolutely no agenda in mind, they come out of their comfort zones and interact without any notion of judgement.

Orange Horizon – Michael Ayars
We Can Make It (Instrumental) – Bastian
Essex – Michael Ayars”

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