Are you tired of you monotonous busy life? Do you need a break that fills your pocket with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and fascinating tales to share? Then opt for a tour package and set out to explore travel destinations that offer unique living experience, adventure travel, spectacular sights, high-caliber activities to do, and a lot more.

Travel is not just tourism and amusement. It’s more about exploring, learning, and it’s inspirational because you can see yourself as a different person. We, in order to save your precious time and effort, have listed a few most beautiful places that are really transformative and inspiring.

5 Ultimate Rejuvenating Travel Destinations in India

Leh Ladakh

Made up of mountains, Leh Ladakh is a marvelous travel destination for adventure enthusiasts. Whether it is trekking in the Himalayas, mountain biking or road trip, or rafting in Indus – a trip to Leh Ladakh brings to you an inexhaustible adrenaline rush. The complete stretch of Manali Leh highway, ranging 470 km, is speckled with enchanting sights. Get the feel of standing by the side of towering mountain peaks. Chains of elegant brown hills welcome you after every few miles. No matter which part of Ladakh you wish to travel, gather complete information on Leh and Ladakh trip details. Opt for a comprehensive Leh Ladakh Package that provides you an adventurous experience of world-famous terrains. Besides, get a chance to know about ancient trade routes, unexplored landscape and live and rejoice the ancient Buddhist culture of Leh Ladakh.


Kasol is a picturesque village of Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh, which is popular amongst adventure enthusiasts because to reach there one has to pass through extremely narrow and steep roads. This place has a wide market and densely populated on the weekends, as Punjab lies in close proximity. Although it is a village, Kasol has a lot of wonderful tourist destinations in and around it. A lazy walk on the bridge over River Parvati will let you envisage the rustic village lanes where you can sip beverages in bohemian cafes and bask around in Kasol. Choose an all-inclusive Kasol package to peacefully enjoy the various wonders of the Mother Nature.


Kheer Ganga, which is almost 3050 meters, is situated at the extreme end of Parvati Valley. This destination is the last inhabited village you will come across while trekking to pin valley through Pin-Parvati pass. Kheerganga’s vast greenery and far-reaching skies give immense pleasure to the trekker’s eyes and especially the worn-out legs. What’s more, it is a holy shrine a small temple of Lord Shiva, a hot water spring and a bathing tank. It makes a remarkable combination for any trekker to bath in hot spring water when the surrounding is covered with snow. Select from the wide-range of Kheerganga packages and enjoy its serenity combined with spectacular beauty.

Spiti Valley

At a distance of 202 km to the northeast of Manali, the meagerly populated land of Spiti separates Indian dry land from Tibet independent region. Spiti valley is also known as “Little Tibet” as it has the same climate, vegetation, and topography. Its snow-crowned mountains dotted with beautiful villages will leave you awe-struck. You must without much ado choose the Best Spiti Valley package if you wish to rejuvenate and rediscover yourself. This tourist destination is renowned for everything still and serene – from lush green land to ancient monasteries looking like paintings on a canvas. Besides all these, you can travel around, explore the scenic villages, cross narrow mountain passages, and feel the frosty wind touching your skin.


The synonyms of Goa are happening nightlife, water sports, sunbath, beaches, carnival, and ancient Portuguese architecture. Goa has in store a lot of activities and thus this place will certainly give you wings to fly and leave you with awe-inspiring lifetime memories. So plan your exotic Goa trip with your family, friends, or spouse by choosing an excellent Goa package that will let you enjoy to the fullest. There are end numbers of reasons to visit this fantastic destination because Goa is one such place that promises something special to all its tourists.

The final say

These 5 iconic holiday destinations can transform a holiday into a life-changing adventure. Without a second thought pick your favorite holiday destination’s tour package, and have splendid experiences that will give you memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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