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``We're all travelers in the wilderness of this world, the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.`` - Robert Louis Stevenson


The pure thirst to conquer the world adventurously transcends what you learn at school or profession. Travel enthusiasts are inherently born and their natural habitat is outdoor with a hunger for the wild. You can never domesticate them.

Such is the story of the three friends who founded HipTrip together. Three friends joined together in school with a friendship that stretched enviably for over two decades. Consequently, the three friends wove together their entrepreneurial ambitions and tourist affinity together to birth HipTrip.

Parth  Patel
Parth Patel
Co-Founder, HipTrip
Enthusiastic, collected and lovable, Parth is an engineer wired to the life outside his professional aprons, the carefree adventure life. Electric and enthusiastic, Parth is a force of life and convivial energy, always an entertainment to be with. And when you combine this with his intelligence, you get dazzled. His engineering he emphatically infuses into tourism making sure that to construct an experience for travelers that puts the light bulb on in you, the traveler's life. Therefore you are all shiny and beaming with joy throughout your trip with HipTrip.
Mukul  Anand
Mukul Anand
Co-Founder, HipTrip
Mukul is a law graduate, amiable and easy-going. You are never going to learn his bubbling amount of cheerfulness in school. In Mukul, such bursting cheerfulness is innate and gifted. Well endeared to his backpack, Mukul is an avid traveller, and lover of adventure. He generously thinks it is selfish to keep all the happiness he enjoys in his travels and tourism to himself hence he combined with his jolly two friends to give you HipTrip, a platform for you to come and share in the excitement of the outdoor life. Behind the scene, Mukul weaves the strands together to keep the creativity at HipTrip eternally fresh. Being the editor-in-chief of the HipTrip Blog, he is always serving the audience with nutritious content that every traveller relishes.
Ankit  Engineer
Ankit Engineer
Co-Founder, HipTrip
Ankit is a qualified management graduate professionally. Where you have someone bringing the little pieces carefully and artistically together to form a whole mechanism, there you have Ankit the manager doing his thing. Calculated, confident and visionary, Ankit makes sure everything comes together perfectly to give you a memorable experience in your trip. Equally exciting, Ankit transcends his natural serenity to bring life to every moment.

When all these great minds and souls unite together to create HipTrip, you can be confident you are getting the best of a travel experience. What makes a great travel experience is basically industry, experience, creativity and cheerfulness on the part of the organisers. When you look at the entrepreneurial combo of Parth, Mukul and Ankit, you have these requirements excessively. Who else can help you enjoy your travel better than a traveller himself? All three of these fellows have been gleefully indicted of loving travel too much, deep lovers of the free life that engulfs the tourist’s world. Thus when the three choose to combine their brains and mirth together to found HipTrip, you are assured you getting only the best travel experience. Travel can get barely more enjoyable than with HipTrip!


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